This portfolio represents a small collection of the work that I have done since 1976 when I left The National Theatre School. The experience there was life altering and the training offered at the School was superb. It sent me on the voyage you are about to take. It is part retrospective, part essay. As you uncover the dates, you will discover that I have included photographs, sketches, and occasionally some text. The text will highlight some key points along the journey that contain some special significance. You can view each image in the portfolio separately or view the whole portfolio as a slide slow by clicking on the direction icon after you have clicked on a date.

I wish to thank my many partners in this journey who were instrumental in helping shape what you see - especially Martin Kinch, Eric Steiner, Alexander Hausvater, Ben Barnes and my lighting friends Steven Hawkins, Harry Frehner, Luc Prairie and Lee Livingstone as well as my partner Victoria Zimski. I have tried, wherever possible, to give credit to all the directors, fellow design collaborators and photographers I have worked with.




teaching philosophy

teaching dossier


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photograph: Taking Sides, Studio Theatre, University of Alberta (Michael Cowie)